19 Online Ways to Rent Out Your Stuff & Make Money Fast (Near Me)

Most people in the US are drowning in stuff—baby gear, toys, musical instruments, sports gear, clothes, cars, motorcycles, etc.—they hardly use. If your garage is overflowing with expensive stuff that overwhelms you, here is some great news.

There are countless ways you can generate extra income from the things you already own. And the power of technology makes it incredibly easy to rent out your stuff and make money fast.

Read on for 19 easy passive income ideas to almost rent everything:

  1. Sports Equipment Rental Near Me
    1. 1. FriendWithA
  2. Rent Out Your Home
    1. 2. Airbnb
    2. 3. VRBO
    3. 4. Gamping
  3. Rent Out Your Car
    1. 5. Turo
    2. 6. GetAround
  4. Rent Out Your RV
    1. 7. RVshare
    2. 8. Outdoorsy
  5. Rent Out Your Garage Spot
    1. 9. CurbFlip
  6. Rent Out Your Boat
    1. 10. Boatsetter
  7. Boat Dock For Rent
    1. 11. Pier Share
  8. Rent Out Your Motorcycle
    1. 12. Twisted Road
  9. Rent Out Your Clothes
    1. 13. Style Lend
    2. 14. Rent the Runway Unlimited
  10. Rent Out Your Baby Gear
    1. 15. BabyQuip
  11. Rent Out Camera Equipment
    1. 16. Share Grid
  12. Rent Out a Room in Your House
    1. 17. TripAdvisor
  13. Rent Out Your Timeshare
    1. 18. SellMyTimeshareNow (SMTN.com)
  14. Rent Out Your Pool
    1. 19. Swimply
  15. Ways to Rent Out Your Stuff Online to Make Money Fast Conclusion

Sports Equipment Rental Near Me

Renting sports equipment nearby is a more affordable alternative to buying seasonal gear in some cases while allowing some to try out new equipment before buying. 

1. FriendWithA

FriendWithA presents you with a fast, simple, and safe way to rent out high-end equipment sitting around your house. Think things like electronics, tools, and sports equipment rental.

  • Tools like a pressure washer, generator, rototiller
  • Electronics like speakers to cameras
  • Sports equipment like a Onewheel, electric bike, golf clubs, paddleboards, and more.

These and other gear will help you recoup some of the money you spent on it. The key benefit is you can continue using your gear whenever you need it, and you can earn money by renting out your stuff on days you don’t use it.

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All items on FriendWithA come with insurance, so you can rent stuff with peace of mind if anyone damages your equipment. You help someone in your community who wants to borrow your stuff, and you have an assurance that your stuff will be returned to you in the same condition you lent it to them plus on average of $70 – $100 per rental.

Rent Out Your Home

Advantages of renting out your home include:

  • Make extra income – It will help offset the costs and possibly make a profit
  • Deter vandalism – An occupied home deters burglars from targeting your home, even with a home security system
  • Tax breaks – Write-off costs associated with renting out your house

2. Airbnb

Airbnb is an inexpensive lodging option for travelers. It’s a proven way to earn easy income if you can rent out your home or even if you have some spare space to rent out. Close to 34 million adults in the US used Airbnb in 2017. This number is rising steadily and expected to cross 45 million by 2022.

You only need to ensure that you can offer what travelers are looking for—clean linens, basic toiletries, clearly displayed WiFi with the password, universal charging station, and laptop-friendly workspace for business travelers.


VRBO, which has been around for 25 years, stands for Vacation Rental By Owner. The company focuses entirely on private properties in vacation destinations. If you have a premium vacation home—a house with a sunset view, a beachfront apartment, a condo in a tourist town, or a cabin by the lake—that you’re not using, you can earn a princely sum by renting it out.

You can choose to safeguard your property by collecting a damage deposit amount. In case of any damage to your property, your guest will be responsible for it.

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4. Gamping

Gamping lets you supplement your income by renting out land you are not using to campers or party-goers. Your guests enjoy a private campground, and your extra land gets used in the process.

How to rent out land on Gamping

Gamping uses MangoPay to secure all payments and charges you a 7 percent service fee. You get paid several days after the successful completion of the trip.

You can also rent out tree houses, tents, yurts, and other outdoor properties to your guests and increase your earnings. Since the site doesn’t cross-check user information, you’ll need to verify the personal information that each renter provides.

Rent Out Your Car

What are the advantages of renting out your car with a peer-to-peer company:

  • Offset lease payments – Getting off a car lease early is expensive.  Consider renting out your vehicle to offset your monthly payments
  • Appreciate a depreciating asset – Cars are considered depreciating assets that go down in price from the moment you drive them off the dealer’s lot.  Renting it out can help offset some of the depreciation.  
  • Earn money – Depending on the chosen vehicle protection plan; you can earn around 65% to 85% of the trip price.

5. Turo

Turo, the world’s number one car-sharing marketplace, lets you earn extra cash by sharing your car and pickup truck. The best way this would work is to share your car only when you’re not using it and still cover your monthly EMI on the car.

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The key advantage is you don’t need to worry about any damage, as your car is fully covered. Liberty Mutual offers up to $750,000 in liability insurance, including theft, depending on the brand and model.

Turo claims you can potentially make an average of $500 a month renting out your car.  So, if you have a car or pickup truck collecting dust, you can rent it out confidently on Turo. 

6. GetAround

GetAround is the right option to rent your vehicle—whether it’s a sedan, hatchback, SUV, pickup truck, convertible, minivan, cargo van, or a jeep—if you’re worried about who rents your vehicle and how they use it.

Renters who break the strict set of usage rules that GetAround has put in place are charged hefty fines. Further, renters need to treat the vehicle with care, and they are not allowed to use it for commercial purposes. 

You can rent out your vehicle in over 100 US cities in 13 states.  Getaround says that some owners make up to $800 per month by renting out their car.  The main advantage of renting your vehicle with GetAround is the company assures you of 24/7 customer support. 

Rent Out Your RV

What are the benefits of renting out your RV?

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  • Avoid storage fees – When you rent out your RV, you potentially avoid paying storage fees when you’re at home and not traveling.  This applies to people who don’t have a big enough driveway or land to storage the RV in the off-season. 
  • Build a community – You will meet other RV lovers and potentially make friendships and travel partners across the US. 
  • Offset purchase price – Most motorhomes usually start around $100,000, according to Camper Report.  The cost of a new, or even used camper or motorhome, is very expensive.  Occasionally renting out your coach will help offset the purchase price and ongoing maintenance costs.

7. RVshare

If you own an RV, RVshare presents you with the opportunity to turn your precious possession into a second income. 

The need to avoid crowded places due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis has resulted in bookings for RV rentals skyrocketing by a whopping 650 percent ahead of the summer travel season. The incredible numbers indicate that the demand for RV travel is on the rise, as travelers become conscious of social distancing guidelines and their overall safety. 

RVshare safeguards your RV by providing a liability coverage amounting to $1,000,000. You can truly relax because RVshare also provides your RV comprehensive coverage of up to $200,000 without extra fees, premiums, or startup costs.

8. Outdoorsy

Outdoorsy, a brand built on trust will help you turn your recreational vehicle—RV, motorhome, or campervan—into a profitable business by presenting you with all the tools you need, such as marketing resources, access to capital, renters, and insurance.

The leading service that Outdoorsy provides you is it connects you with campers who are keen on experiencing RVing without ownership.

Getting started is simple. You only need to add photos of your recreational vehicle and publish your listing. As soon as someone looking for an RV in your area finds your listing, they can contact you to rent it.

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Rent Out Your Garage Spot

Reasons to rent out your garage spot:

  • Make money fast – It’s an easy way to monetize extra space that’s being unused
  • No just cars – You can rent space for motorcycles, bikes, recreation vehicles, boats, campers, etc.

9. CurbFlip

CurbFlip, a parking space marketplace, enables you to rent a spare parking space, vacant lot, or even a boat slip. You have the option to rent out unused parking space for extra cash on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This app permits you to set the price for your parking spot. And this feature is especially helpful if your parking spot is in the vicinity of a sports venue or tourist attraction.

You have the option of adjusting the price based on demand. Most often, you don’t need to meet your renter, as CurbFlip ensures your payment comes through to you automatically.

Rent Out Your Boat

Reasons to rent out your boat

  • Idle boats – The average boat gets used only about 8% of the year, according to GetMyBoat
  • Boats are costly – Like RVs, boats are a luxury investment that don’t come cheap.  Help offset the maintenance and storage fees.
  • Boats depreciate – Like a car, they’re worth a lot less when they leave the showroom or hit the water.  It’s a depreciating asset that sinks in value.  

10. Boatsetter

Boatsetter makes renting out your boat a breeze and enables you to make money in the process. You don’t need to let your boat sit idle any longer.

It’s a genuine win-win as two vital safety features are included in every rental: peace of mind and insurance. Also, you get to choose who rents your boat. As the boat owner, you control guest rules, pricing, and availability. Unless someone is using it locally on the same body of water, expect to rent the boat trailer too.

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Types of boat rentals

  • Fishing boat rental
  • Yachts
  • Watersports
  • Party boat
  • Bachelorette party boat
  • Bachelor party boat

Boatsetter’s world-class liability protection safeguards all your interests. You have nothing to worry about as their 24-hour support team and licensed captains will ensure your boat is in capable hands.

Boat Dock For Rent

11. Pier Share

Pier Share lets you rent out your boat dock on a short-term, seasonal, or long-term basis.  You make the rules!  The dock owner can charge the renter a flat rate or price your dock by the foot.  It’s recommended to charge by the foot for docks longer than 40 feet. 

Pier Share caters cities in Florida, like Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Jupiter, St. Petersburg, and West Palm Beach. 

Reasons to rent a dock

  • Temporary docking while your boat is for sale
  • Waiting for a permanent slip to become available for your boat at the local marina
  • Short-term trips while traveling

How to rent out your boat dock

  1. Free listings – The dock owner never pays a listing or transaction fee – it’s completely free.  Your listing details should include a description, availability, timeline, pricing, photos, and your rules. 
  2. Communicate – Message with people who want to rent your boat dock via the Pier Share platform. 
  3. Make a decision – Accept or decline offers from interested parties. 
  4. Payment – Dock owners get paid either by direct deposit or business check shortly after they dock their boat. 

The boat dock renter provides the slip owner with a copy of their insurance before visiting your space.  It’s encouraged to check the insurance for liability coverage in the event of trips and falls.  Pier Share does not offer supplemental insurance through its platform.  

Rent Out Your Motorcycle

Reasons people rent your motorcycle

  • Visiting – People are traveling from out of town and want to rent a motorcycle
  • Test drive – Instead of taking a short ride at the dealership, people want to take it one the road and see if they want a motorcycle and like that particular model.  
  • Try something new – Some people want to try a different brand, model, or engine. 

12. Twisted Road

In the sharing economy, Twisted Road makes renting out your motorcycle easy.

You don’t need to worry about the renter’s identity, as that is verified through the local DMV. This platform gives you full control as you get to choose who rides—and who doesn’t ride—your bike.

You don’t need to worry about the damage to your vehicle as a rental typically includes up to $25,000 in damage protection and $100,000 in free liability protection. And you have the option of increasing this amount up to $1 million. 

How old do you have to be to rent a motorcycle?

Twisted Road requires motorcycle renters to be at least 21 years of age to drive in the United States.  See the FAQs for further details in regards to experience. 

Rent Out Your Clothes

Renting clothingonline allows people access to an enormous variety of clothing options and no hassle of ownership with the click of a mouse.

Why people rent clothes?

  • Save money on style – Renting fashionable clothes is cheaper than buying
  • Quality – Most clothes you rent will be higher quality vs. “fast fashion” that is cheaper quality
  • Take a risk – Get out of your comfort zone and try some more daring clothing.  The worst thing that happens is it doesn’t look right on you, and it’s sent back asap.
  • Dress appropriately – Select fashion appropriate for your lifestyle.  You can dress more comfortably while working from home during COVID vs. the professional that must go to the office or travel to make sales calls.  
  • Sustainability – Americans throw away tons of clothing every year because much of fashion has transitioned to “fast fashion.”  Save the earth one rental at a time. 
  • Save some time – Instead of regularly shopping at the store or washing your clothes, just order online and send it back to the company to clean.  

13. Style Lend

If you want your surplus clothes to do more than simply sit in your closet, Style Lend can help you make some serious money by renting out your inspirational clothes.

This platform accepts varying types of items—rent couture gowns, a dress, tops, outerwear, bottoms, shoes, and bags.  

The whole process is simple. You list the item on the Style Lend platform and wait for the approval. Remember, the retail value of each item you want to rent out must be at least $250, and the item should be less than two years old. After your item is approved and you receive an order, you ship the item to the renter. The renter pays the shipping, and Style Lend pays you 80 percent of the price you set.

14. Rent the Runway Unlimited

In today’s You are what you wear culture, ladies love to use logos and designers to look good and feel good. If your wardrobe is overflowing with designer dresses, you rarely use, Rent the Runway, a subscription fashion service, helps you make money from them instead of letting them sit idly in your wardrobe.   Runway Unlimited will couture gowns, formal dresses, high-end dresses, formal gowns, fancy dresses, ball gowns, Gatsy dress, bridal gowns, homecoming dresses, etc.

It’s a great platform to rent clothes for a photo shoot.

You can also rent out kids’ clothes and rent pageant dresses online, along with an assortment of accessories such as handbags, scarves, bridal jewelry, sunglasses, and hats on this platform.  

Rent Out Your Baby Gear

What baby gear should you rent instead of buying?

  • Clothes – They grow out of them so fast.  When buying, always buy a size up, so you get more use out of the clothes. 
  • Cribs – A baby tends to stay in a crib for 18 months to 3.5 years.  If you only have one child, then renting a crib likely makes more sense.  
  • Carriers – They always sound like a good idea, but they don’t get the use you’d expect for most parents and children.  

15. BabyQuip

BabyQuip helps you earn money by renting out your baby gear—cribs, car seats, strollers, bathing equipment, carriers, toys, baby feeding accessories, etc. Among renting outside gig income opportunities, BabyQuip ranks ahead of every platform except Airbnb.

Your work is mainly delivering sparkling clean and safe baby gear to traveling families at hotels and Airbnb accommodations. No one wants to rent a dirty pack and play.

BabyQuip makes your pursuit of making extra cash that much easier by helping you to build your business website.

Another advantage of renting out your baby gear on their platform is their diverse community provides you with sales training, where you are taught some invaluable marketing tips and tricks.

Rent Out Camera Equipment

Reasons people rent camera equipment

  • Camera equipment is expensive – Cameras and lenses easily run in the thousands of dollars.  Admittedly, most people don’t need these cameras as their regular camera since we have terrific cameras built on our phones.  Unless you’re a professional photographer, most people should be renting camera gear.  
  • Specific job – Rent a camera for a specific purpose like a sporting event or a vacation; you expect a lot of beautiful scenery.  You can even rent polaroid cameras for events like weddings.

16. Share Grid

ShareGrid is the number one marketplace for renting out camera equipment. Verified creatives and businesses can rent photography gear to each other with immediate insurance.

You may be concerned about your expensive equipment. That’s why the insurance coverage is sold on the platform, and you can rest easy knowing that your equipment is safeguarded against damage, theft, and fraud.

As this business is highly seasonal, there’s an opportunity for you to make money fast, as ShareGrid’s cut is a reasonable 15 percent on all items, like renting a DSLR camera. In this side gig, your earning potential is directly proportional to the time you invest.

Rent Out a Room in Your House

17. TripAdvisor

Do you find making the monthly mortgage payments on your house burdensome? This will no longer be a cause for concern, especially if you have a spare room or two to rent out.

You can do this easily by tying up with TripAdvisor, one of the world’s most trusted travel websites. Since TripAdvisor doesn’t offer its own insurance, you have the option of requesting a security deposit. This amount is retained by the website and returned to the guest after seven days. So, you need to make your claim for damage by the guest within seven days.

Rent Out Your Timeshare

According to a 2016 ARDA study, 1.8 million timeshare owners had unused timeshare time.

18. SellMyTimeshareNow (SMTN.com)

If you wish to sell your timeshare in a vacation home, SellMyTimeshareNow disrupts the conventional form of timeshare sales and presents you with a better, viable solution. You can quickly find a real buyer for your timeshare by advertising on this global platform. Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques and effective digital marketing strategies have enabled SellMyTimeshareNow.com to become the number one marketplace for timeshare resale.  It’s easier than unused timeshares for rent.   

The main feature on this platform is their Free Market Value Survey, which helps you determine the value of your timeshare. This free service will ensure you don’t lose any money when you rent out your timeshare.

Rent Out Your Pool

Renting out your pool during COVID is an excellent way to make money fast since many public pools and health clubs are closed.

19. Swimply

Your pool need not be a liability that costs you a small fortune to maintain. You can turn your pool into an asset and ensure you earn a decent income by becoming a Swimply host.

Thousands of pool owners are already earning an effortless income. Listing your pool on Swimply will take you less than 5 minutes, and it doesn’t cost you a cent.

This pool share platform enables you to cover your operating expenses, make other families happy, and earn extra income. All the while, you don’t need to compromise your own pool time.  You can make extra money fast by renting a pool for a birthday party during a weekday afternoon.

Ways to Rent Out Your Stuff Online to Make Money Fast Conclusion

Consider the clutter in your home.

Eighty percent of your belongings spend most of their time on the shelf, idle. It’s true that you will absolutely need it a few times a year. But in this sharing economy, it makes sense to rent out your stuff online and make some easy money, and there are several great platforms out there to start your side hustle. And if you’re serious about making money fast, take some great photos, and try to rent out as much of your stuff as possible.

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